Why buy oūmi?

It’s simple: we care about your skin and the environment.

100% organic cotton

We use the best premium, 100% organic cotton on the market, even for our sewing yarns and care tags. You’ll feel the difference on your skin immediately. We buy all of our cotton from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified suppliers, with no exceptions.

All natural and biodegradable

As our bath towels are truly 100% organic cotton, this means they’re also truly 100% biodegradable. Other towels containing polyester can take up to 200 years to break down. We won’t stand for that.

Soft and super absorbent

Our long cotton piles are made of two-ply, low TPI (twist per inch) yarn, which adds amazing strength and absorbency while keeping the touch soft.

650GSM of pure bliss

After testing various towel weights, we landed on 650GSM, which delivers thick and plush quality heft without being overly heavy or taking too long to dry. We think our towels feel perfect – simply 650GSM of pure, pure bliss.

No artificial brighteners

Other companies add optical brightening agents (OBAs) to their towels to create the illusion that their products are whiter and cleaner. This faux-clean look makes the towels easier to sell but comes at a great cost to the environment and your skin. Our towels are 100% OBA-free, meaning they’re naturally clean on the inside and out. Which one would you prefer touching your skin?


Our towels are dye-free where it matters most – the body. Covering 98% of the towel, the body is what predominately touches your skin. By going dye-free, we keep the organic cotton touching your skin as organic and natural as possible.

No added salt

Salt is the most abundant chemical used in towel dyeing, and often ends up being diluted into waterways, increasing water salinity and affecting the environment and wildlife around harmful manufacturing plants. While a single conventional body towel uses on average 220g of salt, our towels use absolutely zero!

PVA-free natural sizer

Most towel yarns are coated in a combination of petro-based PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), modified starch and paraffin wax. While this gets the job done cheaply, it does so at tremendous cost to our environment. PVA isn’t biodegradable and is the major contributor to high COD (chemical oxygen demand) in textile effluent. Instead, we use a natural, 100% biodegradable sizer made from a starch compound (potato and corn) and coconut oil.

Handmade careloops

Our unique handmade careloops, based on traditional Chinese knot buttons, protect our towels against damage or snagging from towel hooks.

Designed to complement your style

Our stylish towels come in a range of colours that complement your bathroom, from minimalist white to ocean blue.

Our guarantee

Our towels are the best value premium bathroom pieces on the market. Luxury that won’t break the bank. We know you’ll fall in love with our towels. If for some reason you don’t, we’ll give you a refund within 30 days.